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T.H.S. Hall of Fame

Criteria for Induction
1. Accomplishments at T.H.S. - Minimum 2 years varsity experience or more than 1 sport per year.
2. Citizenship in high school
3. Post T.H.S. athletic accomplishments

Other criteria
Nominee may not be a committee member
Nominee must be out of T.H.S. for 10 + years

If you would like to visit the THS Hall of Fame, it is located in
the lobby of the main gym above the trophy case.


Paul Larson: 1947-1950 Football, Basketball, and Track
Howard Upton: 1932-1936 Track
Ernie Jorge: 1928-1933 Football, Basketball and Track
Steve "Arkie" Burnett: 1947-1950 Football, Basketball and Baseball

Marv Crister: 1924-1927 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track
Wayne Bergman: 1944-1947 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track
Dave Maggard: 1954-1957 Football, Basketball, and Track
Stan Beasley: 1948-1952 Football, Basketball, and Track

Jim Mitchell: 1930 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track
Bob Mitchell: 1940 Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Bill Duncan: 1942 Football, and Basketball
Ken Rose: 1944 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track

Willie Hess: 1935-1938 Football, Basketball, and Track
Roger Gregg: 1951-1955 Basketball, and Baseball
Lloyd Rude: 1942-1945 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track

Rees Knight: 1944-1944 Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Max Goldstein: 1966-1970 Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Al Ohanis: 1936-1940 Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track
Fred Nugent: 1952-1956 Football, Basketball, and Baseball

Frank Duffy: 1961-1964 Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Brad Lesley: 1974-1976 Baseball
Joey Rassett: 1974-1977 Golf
Gary Bethel: 1971-1974 Football

Marie “Ricky” Ricardo Corvello: 1935-1938 Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track
Bob Kelly: 1957-1960 Basketball
Joel Cockrell: 1968-1971 Football, Wrestling, and Track

Paul McIlroy: 1983 Waterpolo, and swimming
Frank Bostwick: 1935 Football and Basketball
Dan White: 1969 Football and Baseball
Dan Souza: 1965 Football, Wrestling and Track


Louise Marchant: 1948 For Outstanding and Continued support for THS athletes Class of 1948
Don Cederlind: 1946-1950 Football, Basketball, Track and Baseball
Larry Maggard: 1958-1962 Football, Wrestling and Track
Bob Johnson: 1969 Basketball and Baseball

Jim Conover: 1948-1950 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Golf
Mike Lopes: 1979-1982 Basketball

Anne Jones Cornell: 1982-6 Swimming and Water Polo
Jeff Winans: 1967-9 Football, Basketball and Track
Jim Bryan: 1971-3 Baseball, Basketball and Football

Andre Weiglein
: 1980-1983, Swimming and Water Polo
Phil Govea: 1984-1985, Football, Wrestling and Baseball
Shawna Caballero: 1989-1993, Swimming and Water Polo


Debbie Bettencourt: 1981-1985, Swimming and Water polo

Dick Sawyer: 1947-1949, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, and Golf

Jerry Ragsdale: 1979-1981, Football and Baseball

Steve Soderstrom: 1987-1990, Football, Basketball, Baseball

John Belew: 1986-1990, Football and Wrestling


Jim Fetherson: 1961- 1963, Football, Basketball, and Track

Bill Garton: 1973- 1975, Swimming and Water Polo


Alison Cox: 1993-1997, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, and Basketball

Fred Neto: 1984-1988, Waterpolo and Swimming

In addition, the following teams have been inducted into the THS Hall of Fame:
1949 Football team
1990 Boys' Water Polo team

1957 Football team